"Thank you for such a beautiful workshop. You held the space beautifully and from the moment I met you, I felt that you created such warm, loving, soft and yummy energy for the workshop to evolve into. I loved the sensuality, tenderness and joy.... It was so nourishing. Can we have longer next time? Thank you!!"



"My wife and I had the pleasure of sharing a session with Lara. Her display of impartiality, clearly rooted in a very strong sense of presence and balance, was phenomenal. She provided a truly unconditional container for both of us and, with her big inviting smile and warm heart, asked us a series of very powerful questions that helped us to gain a perspective that was previously unprecedented in our married life together. We are very grateful to have had Lara be one of those shining lights we encounter along the way to help us stay true to the direction of our collective heart."

Marc and Erika


"Thank you for a beautiful and magical evening and for holiding such a safe and loving space. There was so much love and presence in the room I felt very blessed to be bathed in that for the evening with such a lovely group. Thanks you all for co-creating such a wonderful experience"



"We got sooo much from the evening with you both. I was glowing for days after. So many , many thanks once again for fitting us in, and do let me know of any further workshops you are running. Much love"



"My memory of the day is of a beautiful unfurling in a warm, loving, colourful environment.

I was so impressed at how the women dove in, and this was possible because the atmosphere of trust and sisterhood was so sensitively and carefully facilitated - thank you"



You held such a safe, accepting & nurturing space that all my fears & self-judgements vanished within moments of beginning the workshop. The unveiling of our natural nakedness was a gentle & slow process, so that when we eventually removed our final layer, I was so ready to take it off, to shed that final skin & be free to dance & celebrate all that it means to be natural women, together. I had a deep sense of familiarity, like this was how we used to be, I felt as though i had come home into my body & into love for my beautiful sisters."



"Pure joy and fun loving energy and take you on a journey that allows total expression of your truth and profound healing and connection through sharing stories, dance and touch... It was a magical afternoon, such a safe and beautiful space and so humbling to be part of a circle of women prepared to open themselves, bear their souls, free their minds, and connect on so many levels! I was left feeling completely blissed out and blessed and I cant wait to journey with them again!"



“The dance of the sacred feminine was mind-blowing, incredibly healing and lovingly transformative I did not know what to expect and it was an amazing surprise!. By the end of the day, I truly felt healed, more in touch with my divine feminine and so proud of womanhood!!!! Thanks so much for taking us through an amazing dancing meditative workshop - I can't thank you enough . And love and thanks to my sisters in the group who made that a safe space for beauty and love. This is divine sisterhood at its best!”



"Beautiful, sweet evening- Big thank you again, I'll repeat that you hold such a safe & loving space. To be in the company of others so open, receptive and able to show & feel their emotions in such an intimate setting is quite special... Love to you & everyone who shared in this deliciousness "Hanna


"That was really special. Thank you for creating and holding such a beautiful space, and thank you everyone for being so open to giving and receiving."



“That was so very very yummy. Such lovely men and women. It allowed me to drop some self doubt and self judgements that had been weighing heavily on my mind and move back into a space of self and universal acceptance. A precious bonus. ”John




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