Embodied Intimacy: Open Relating Community Gathering


Date: Thursday 31st January

Start: 7pm prompt

Ends: 10:00pm


Location: House of Togetherness - Covent Garden, London


To chose to live and relate in a free and open way requires a community of like-minded souls. Without community we do not have the necessary support we need as couples and individuals to love as big as our hearts desire.


Why we each consciously choose to live in alternative ways then the ones that were passed down to us from earlier generations is very personal. Some do it to increase the variety of sexual partners and others do it as a spiritual path to embrace the light and shadow of opening up and sharing the most precious gift we have: our heart.


There are many ways to make it work. Some people have stated agreements meanwhile others rely on embodied principles and some are just totally radical (i.e: Relationship Anarchy). Regardless of your personal preference, most of us were not raised with role models for this alternative way of relating. So we must come together to role model, mirror and support one another.


As the definition and practice of relating is expanding beyond what we were taught by our parents we want to invite you to join the conversation. How do you navigate these waters? What have you found that works? Come just to listen and observe or come to participate and add your own thoughts, questions and perspectives.


You are invited to join the conversation of free love and open relationships where we aim to come together to create a Culture of Conscious Relating.


What to Expect:

During this gathering we will Share, Connect and Practice. We will give tools, resources, and introduce a practice that helps us to undermine destructive patterns, increase bonding and love in general and especially in periods of challenge in relationship.


This is a safe, fun way to meet new people who are also participating in Open Relating and to gain some practical tools for your relationship or future relationship(s)!



Embodied Intimacy are running an advanced weekend workshop Erotic Innocence & Somatic Empowerment in London 1-3rd Feb

For more info:


Embodied Intimacy ~ Relationship Fluidity

with Buster and Rachel

Thursday 31st January 2019