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In these sessions you will receive tools that can support you in connecting to the depth of your love for each other, however far apart you may be feeling. These tools will help you to grow your intimacy and bring you closer together.


Sessions are customised for you and your relationship. We will take a look at where you are in your relationship and your individual selves, what you really want, where you want to be, what your challenges are and what’s stopping you from being where you want to be. Then lets get you on track re-writing your script and living the relationship you want. With little tweaks you can transform a tricky, challenging and uncomfortable relationship into one that is a live, joyful, supportive, passionate and full of love and tenderness.


My style of coaching is focused on what is present now and how you would like your relationship to be, moving away from being stuck in old patterns from the past, helping you see the magnificence that you do share and then help you to celebrate it.


You will receive practical tools that can support you straight away as well as using powerful process skills to help you unravel any emotional tangles that may have built up and hold you back from being fully in your joy, passion and love together.


Your partner is most likely one of the most important relationship in your life. And when it starts getting clunky it can effect everything in your life from health, work, family, and your general well being.


It’s totally normal to get into sticky spots, stagnant patches, explosive or shut down dynamics, and what is great is that with a little help we can swiftly move out of the challenging jungle and back into lush joyful expansive lands

where you feel free, connected, alive and close together.

When we hit difficult times in our relationships these are the points that can make or break us, subtly or dramatically.  I really believe what ever the difficulty, as long as you both love each other, are really committed to making it work and are willing to go for it, then any difficult situation/issue, when worked with in the right way, once you learn how to close the gap, can blast you into a deeper connection.


I offer a free half hour consultation so we can see if it is a fit.

I really believe in the importance of working with the right people.

The way I work may not be for everyone but I encourage you to come and see for yourself if it works for you.


In the free consultation you can share anything you think will be useful for me to know about your relationship and your individual personal lives. This is also a space where you can ask me any questions you may have.

I’ll be able to gauge if I can support you and you and you will have a sense of who I am and if you would like to continue with sessions. We will establish your goals, expectations and desires, so if we all want to go ahead we can schedule your first relationship coaching session.


I'm passionate about making a difference in peoples lives and value working with people who are passionate about making the leap needed to turn their lives around. I don't want to waste your money, so if I feel I will not be able to help you acheive your desired goals I will refer you to others who I feel will be able to offer you what you are looking for.


Sessions are held either on skype or in person.




£120 - 2 hour session.



£450 for a block of 5 sessions.



Concessions available.

Relationship, intimacy and sex

coaching or mediation


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Concessions available


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"My wife and I had the pleasure of sharing a session with Larissa. Her display of impartiality, clearly rooted in a very strong sense of presence and balance, was phenomenal. She provided a truly unconditional container for both of us and, with her big inviting smile and warm heart, asked us a series of very powerful questions that helped us to gain a perspective that was previously unprecedented in our married life together. We are very grateful to have had Lara be one of those shining lights we encounter along the way to help us stay true to the direction of our collective heart." Marc and Erika