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Here is where I share my late night ramblings that will hopefully contain some useful wisdom to help bring more love and joy into your relationships.

Me capturing my words for the first time.

By Lara Barge, Oct 21 2015 01:37PM

I have finally managed to write my first article!

I’ve been wanting/trying to write for a very long time, but always get blocked and don’t know what to write.

Sitting in front of clients the words always come. The wisdom and knowledge flow easily through me when there are people in front of me. Every time I sit in front of my laptop or my or pick up my note pad and pen, it just disappears and I cant seem to access any of it, my brain stops and mind goes blank.

I thought it was because I must be inspired and triggered into flow by my clients and without them in front of my to bounce off, there isn’t anything to come through.

Then tonight, as I lay in bed with my wind whirling, I realised that so often I lay in bed at night with words flowing through my mind. I have probably written tones of articles while lying in bed but never actually bought them out of my head. As soon as I realized that, I knew I had to get up and capture what was in my mind, otherwise I would continue in this long story of never managing to write anything.

So I snuck out of bed, trying not to wake my partner. I slipped on my wooly jumper, grabbed my note book and pen, and am now sat on the toilet in our on suite, having written my first ever piece, an article on the importance of acknowledgment and appreciation.

And I feel so much relief at having finally allowed some of the words out on to paper. And excitement at having discovered what I need to do to be able to do that. I have found my outlet and style. I have to capture the inspiration in the moment when it is there. So I will start carry my notepad and pen around with me and most likely I will be having a lot of late night toilet dates.

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