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If someone can't handle you, does it mean they dont deserve you?

By Lara Barge, Mar 22 2016 08:51PM

We are not taught how to be in relationship. We are not given the skills needed.

So it makes me sad when I read or hear statements like this "If they can not love you in your shadows, they are not made for your light".

If they cant accept you in your shadow it is that they have not yet learned the necisary skills to be able to deal with a specific area.

It is often our own self awareness and integration that allows us to accept someone in their shadow. If we have a wound or a trauma in relation to someones shadow and we have not been taught the skills that are needed to navigate such things, it does not mean we are not worthy, or good enough! It means we need support in healing and learning!

I look back at myself in my past relatonships and see how if I had the tools I have now things would of been very different. I would of understood what was really happening, I would of had more compassion and taken thigns less personally.

When someone doesnt get us it doesnt mean we should push them away!

Maybe we need to explore communicating who we are in a different language!

Lets love and accept more, even when its people we feel aren't accepting us!

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