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Larissa (Lara) is a relationship, intimacy and sex coach, as well as, a dynamic facilitator of embodied sensuality, Certified Heart IQ relationship coach, and conflict facilitator.


One of her greatest passion's is supporting people in reclaiming the power & innocence of their sexuality, finding more bliss, empowerment and deeper connection in themselves and their relationships, aswell as all areas of their lives.


Her deeper journey into intimacy and conscious relationships started in her late teens. She threw herself into a range of different workshops and trainings on intimacy, conscious relationships and sacred sexuality.


Through ongoing training and personal development, as well as her own relationship journey, Larissa has honed her intuition and understanding of our human emotional, energetic and psychological terrain. This has helped develop her skills of reading and understanding what is moving at a deeper level for individuals and and their relationship.

This understanding enables her to help people create powerful transformations by helping them voice, and work with, the underlying truths that are not being spoken.


Weaving her experience, wisdom & love, Larissa is a lead Feminine Guide for the Intimacy & Sensuality programs at Feminine Rising (Netherlands and US).


She is based in East Sussex (UK) and continues to travel the UK and Europe offering workshops and sessions on Love, intimacy, sexuality, embodyment and pleasure.


"I am blessed to work with an incredible team of coaches, therapists and mentors enabling us all to offer the best that we can. And a wonderful team that I am happy to refer people to when I may not be that right person for the situation or individual."





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